Sunspot, 150 x 150 x 20 cm, plaster, dry pigment, 2023

Presented on exhibition Orbium coelestium, De revolutionibus ideas, Cracow, 2023.

Currently on display in Larisch Palace, Cracow.

Sunspot is inspired by Georges Bataille’s story The blue of noon and the crucial role of sun motif in author’s works.

When I was a boy, I loved the sun; I used to shut my eyes and let it shine redly through my lids . The sun was fantastic – it evoked dreams of explosion. Was there anything more sunlike than red blood running over cobblestones, as though light could shatter and kill? […] My eyes were no longer lost among the stars that were shining above me actually, but in the blue of the noon sky.

I shut them so as to lose myself in that bright blueness. From it, fat black insects spouted forth in buzzing swarms

I opened my eyes. The stars were still covering my head, but I was maddened with sunlight. I felt like laughing […] So I had laughed, and it was no longer merely the gloomy boy with his cruel pen who was walking through the night hugging the walls: I had laughed the same laugh as a child, convinced that one day, since such a lucky insolence was sustaining me, it was I who was bound to turn the world upside down – turn the world, quite ineluctably, upside down.

Georges Bataille, The blue of noon, 1935